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Archive for November 11, 2015

New to a Board? Here’s What You Should Ask

As a board member, your fundamental role is to oversee the implementation of the not-for-profit’s mission. This includes exercising your fiduciary duty to ensure that the organization’s financial resources are effectively managed and sufficient to assure the organization’s longterm financial viabil...

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Effectively On-Boarding your Board Members


By Howard Donkin, Julleen Snyder, and Erin Welch
When financial statements are presented at your board meeting, what kinds of questions are asked? Do you get the occasional question about a variance, or a robust discussion about whether the budget ma...

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Becoming King of the Throne: How Ronald McDonald House Crowdfunded 60 New Toilets

By Michelle Scharlock, Communication Manager at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington and Alaska Should your organization try crowdfunding? Although relatively new to the nonprofit fundraiser's arsenal, crowdfunding has a low barrier to entry, is typically low-cost, and is a great w...

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The Hidden Picture in Marketing & Development Problems

By Heather Fitzpatrick When I was a kid, the highlight of any trip to the doctor’s office was the opportunity to read Highlights magazine. My favorite part was the Hidden Pictures page, the drawing where you needed to find a picture of a banana, or a lunch box, or an umbrella hidden within a drawin...

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Putting the FUN in Financial Statements

There are roughly 580,000 board members serving non-profits in the State of Washington. These committed volunteers bring a broad range of expertise – and share a few common responsibilities. One of a board member’s most important responsibilities is exercising his or her fiduciary duty to ensure tha...

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