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Archive for December 26, 2016

7 Mistakes Non-Profits Make in Their Early Years & How to Avoid Them

Many visionaries with fabulous ideas for non-profits never get off the ground or if they do, they fizzle out quickly, despite the need and the passion. Why is that? There is more to starting a non-profit than a passion and the need. Consider the mistake of people who have gone before you and you can...

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Tips for Enhancing Non-Profit Employees’ Workplace Happiness (Without Breaking the Bank)

Let’s face it, happy employees are productive employees and not only is that good for day in and day out morale, but it is good for the organization's bottom line. Smart organizations and HR departments know that it pays to invest in their people. Organizations are hiring “Perk Managers” whose sole ...

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Speed Reading Financial Statements – Efficient Review Practices for Board Members

Presented by Erin Welch and Howard Donkin (Jacobson Jarvis & Co, PLLC). Part of the Board Training in King County series hosted by 501 Commons. Read More