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Monthly Archives: September 27, 2017

Online Communications – Beyond the Basics

In this intermediate-level communications course, we’ll show you how to evaluate your existing communications channels and efforts, gather data to optimize your content, increase your online subscriber and follower lists, and engage more deeply with your biggest supporters. At the end of this course...

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Fiscal Sponsorship

In partnership with The Seattle FoundationWayfind and Nonprofit Assistance Center will be offering a training that will explain what a fiscal sponsorship relationsh...

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Effective Online Donation Strategies

People want to give, and as a nonprofit, one of your main jobs is to give them a good reason to give to you. In this hour-long webinar we’ll cover the basics of what makes for a solid online donation experience, opportunities to delight your donors, and ways to generally build better donor relations...

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Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest are not necessarily bad. The important thing is being able to identify conflicts of interest and knowing how to manage conflicts of interests when they arise. Free online event! For more information visit theRead More

Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat – Year-End Fundraising

hether you’re just stepping into your first fundraising role or you are a seasoned fundraising veteran, this 4-part webinar series will be useful for you!  You need a fundraising plan and rhythm that encourages donor trust and raises more money. For more information visit the Read More