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By : Jacobson Jarvis & Co

In Case You Missed It – New Nonprofit Accounting Guidance

By Erin Welch, CPA

With so many accounting changes impacting nonprofits this year, now is a good time to brush up on the new accounting standards to see if they are applicable to your organization, how they might impact yo...

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Nonprofit Executive Director Turnover – Not If, but When

By: Tom Varga, Founder and Managing Partner, Valtas Group

Did you know that the turnover in nonprofit corner offices is between 18% and 22% annually? The numbers are even higher in ultra-stress environments like mental hea...

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Our Clients in the LGBTQ+ Community

Happy Pride Month! This month, LGBTQ+ individuals and allies all over the world throw parties and parades to celebrate the amazing progress the community has made and recognize the work still left to do. Join Read More

501 Talks Tech: Microsoft Teams for Nonprofits

Want an easy way to collaborate, share files, and talk to colleagues in different locations? Microsoft Teams can help! If you're using Office 365, you already have Teams available to you. Set up your whole staff on the platform and start chatting, conducting video conferences, and sharing files a...

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Video Strategies that Boost Fundraising

The experts at Hand Crank Films will guide you through the process of planning, filming, and promoting videos that drive fundraisi...

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