31 May / 2017

ONLINE: Getting the Most Out of Your Board

Whenever your board members gather for a meeting, there’s a lot of wisdom and passion in the room.  Are you getting maximum value out of that precious time? Whether you’re an all-volunteer organization or a major institution, you can get more out of your board members – as leaders, ambassadors, and fundraisers – if you use meeting time more strategically.

01 Jun / 2017

Let's Go Legal! Employment Law for Nonprofits

Employees are your most valuable asset, and yet employees can also be your nonprofit’s most significant liability. Nonprofit employers in particular face challenges due to the expectations of fair treatment and of a “social contract” inherent in the public benefit focus of a nonprofit’s mission. We will cover the top five things you need to know about employment law, including minimum wage and ove...

02 Jun / 2017

ONLINE: The Best Way to Tell a Story

Your work matters. So why is it so hard to create stories about it? This webinar series is all about putting pen to paper to craft a story that bolsters your messaging and fundraising. It’s part foundational storytelling skill and part advocacy strategy. Throughout the webinar series, participants will begin crafting their own stories and do some call-and-response using the online tool. In between...

06 Jun / 2017

Lobbying and Advocacy: What Your Nonprofit Needs To Know

This seminar will examine the rules around advocacy and lobbying by nonprofit tax-exempt organizations in Washington State. There are many misconceptions about whether and to what extent nonprofits can engage in lobbying and advocacy. Nonprofits can do some advocacy, but there are limitations and specific rules regarding the type and amount of advocacy that nonprofit tax-exempt organizations can d...

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08 Jun / 2017

ONLINE: Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Webinar

What happens when you bring a storyteller and nonprofit accountant together to address nonprofit financial literacy? Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN) represents a departure from existing finance trainings. It expands what staff and board members know and can do related nonprofit finance through BINGO cards, video shorts featuring a Jet City Improv actor, and supporting informational kits. ...

12 Jun / 2017

Let’s Go Legal: Getting on the right road to compliance and protection

You care about your mission and want to make sure your organization does what it needs to do to succeed. You need to know some basic nonprofit law in order to stay compliant and protect your assets. Developed by Washington Nonprofits and Wayfind, Let’s Go Legal breaks down nonprofit law into its must-know pieces to help busy board members stay on the right road towards their mission. Let’s Go L...

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