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Monthly Archives: March 28, 2017

Audit or Review, How Much Assurance Do You Need?

With funding tight and the need for fiduciary transparency high, boards are weighing the pros and cons of a nonprofit audit vs. a review of their annual financial statements. Do we have a choice? As required by WAC 19.09.541, charitable or...

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Is it Time for a Financial Health Check-Up?

How confident are you in your organization’s long-term financial health? If the answer is only "somewhat," you’re not alone. We’ve assisted numerous not-for-profits looking for ways to improve the answer to that question. Throughout these projects, we observed that many of their financial issues cou...

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Tax Time for Nonprofits: Getting and Keeping Your Tax Exempt Status

Becoming a Tax-Exempt Entity Before an organization can file for tax-exempt status, it must file its organizing documents with the Secretary of State in the state in which it resides. Generally, this means you must have articles of incorporation, bylaws and an employer identifica...

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