By using the Internet-based tool, GoToAssist™, our clients and staff can use a secure connection to remotely share each other’s screen, mouse and keyboard environment. With the permission of the client, we can virtually operate on the client’s desktop to troubleshoot problems or provide one-on-one training and consulting. Files can also be transferred to and from the linked workstations.

Clients may call the office at 206-628-8990 during business hours and ask to speak with their consultant, nonprofit auditor or tax specialist. Our representative will direct them to this page and provide a unique seven-digit code to enter in the form below.

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4 Easy Steps

  1. Call us at 206-628-8990 with your question or concern.
  2. We provide a seven-digit code, which you enter in the form on this page.
  3. A small, temporary file is quickly downloaded to your desktop to activate the connection.
  4. You grant permission for us to view your screen and operate your mouse and keyboard.

Now you are connected!