Adapting Quickbooks

Jacobson Jarvis assists organizations to adapt the flexible features of the popular QuickBooks accounting software to the not-for-profit environment.

QuickBooks for Not-for-Profits

With the right setup, you can track functional expenses, bill allowable costs to grants and contracts, monitor and report restricted donations, allocate payroll between program and supporting services, and much more.

Erin and Julleen reviewing documents on a screen

The Not-for-Profit Experts at Jacobson Jarvis Can Help You:

  • Set up a new accounting system in QuickBooks
  • Set up payroll in QuickBooks
  • Provide CPA-level review of your accounting records on a routine basis
  • Solve your accounting and payroll problems in QuickBooks
  • Train your staff and volunteers to use QuickBooks more efficiently
  • Review and modify your current QuickBooks system to better meet your needs

Interested in Improving Your Use of QuickBooks?

Get in touch with Julleen Snyder, Consulting Principal, for more information or to schedule an appointment.