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We provide customized consulting and training focused on helping not-for-profit organizations understand and improve their use of financial data.

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While Jacobson Jarvis is frequently engaged for a specific service, clients report that the real value is in the breadth of experience in not-for-profit management that our team brings to the table as a result of our exclusive focus.

As such, we take pride in our responsiveness and accessibility, and in the quality of our work. We also understand the cost constraints all not-for-profits face. Because Jacobson Jarvis is uniquely focused on serving not-for-profits, our billing rates are structured to provide cost-effective services.

Financial Health Checkup

We always recommend starting with a financial health checkup to assess your organization’s specific needs. Together we will identify any potential issues before they become a problem – which is the best way for your organization to stay healthy in the long haul.

For significantly less than the cost of a formal audit, this service is specifically designed to improve the accounting operations and internal controls of not-for-profit organizations. No two checkups are alike because every organization has a unique set of needs, but the outcome is always the same – a stronger and more operationally efficient organization.

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Adapting Quickbooks

With our help, you can track functional expenses, bill allowable costs to grants and contracts, monitor and report restricted donations, allocate payroll between program and supporting services, and much more.

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Other Consulting Services

Internal Controls Strengthening and Documentation

We will guide you through assessing and documenting your controls so that your Board can provide oversight and donors will have confidence in your procedures.

Setting Up New

Explore how to secure IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status, develop your budget & cash flow projections, set up an accounting system and your tax and reporting responsibilities.

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Internal Nonprofit Audits

Not-for-profit organizations that do not have their own internal nonprofit audit staff frequently engage Jacobson Jarvis to provide these services to gain the benefits of objective analysis.

Board Assistance and Training

We can help your board of directors improve their knowledge of nonprofit financial statements, governance requirements, and the rules and regulations that govern tax exempt organizations.

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