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Monthly Archives: March 30, 2018

How the Tax Code Changes Affect Nonprofits

There is plenty of work to be done adjusting finances to make sure you are in the clear with the H.R. 1 tax revisions passed last December. No single article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to handle your taxes, but we...

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Tax Reform – What Nonprofits Need to Know

By Kari Moore, CPA, MST The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has raised a lot of questions in the nonprofit community since it was passed by Congress in December 2017. Here are four key reasons why nonprofit leaders shoul...

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Speed-Reading Form 990

What are the four key pages that you should understand in a nonprofit tax return? Where do you look in the tax return to find the public support test, community benefit test, organized and operated test, lobbying test, discrimination test and commerciality test? What are the IRS rules for board inde...

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SEATTLE: QuickBooks for Nonprofits

You need good financial information to make decisions, solve problems, and protect resources. “QuickBooks for Nonprofits” is designed to get you what you need to effectively run your organization. This class is essential for all nonprofits using QuickBooks. Over the course of this day-long class,...

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Up Your Understanding of Nonprofit Financial Statements

Financial statements can be intimidating, yet they contain essential information. More importantly, they are used by external decision-makers who hold your organization’s financial well-being in their hands. This workshop teaches financial statement speed-reading tricks and outlines some of the indi...

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