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Jacobson Jarvis is committed to providing exemplary support for a wide range of not-for-profit organizations. We have specific experience with a number of different types of nonprofits, including several educational organizations. September has arrived, and that means school is starting for a lot of children, as well as adults. Although we believe education to be extremely important, there are still major issues in regards to lack of public school funding, a decrease in resources for educators and low-income students, and difficulty accessing higher collegiate education. Jacobson Jarvis is proud to support the following organizations and their work to make the path to education a successful one.

League of Education Voters

Who they are: League of Education Voters is an organization that provides pertinent information on education reforms and policies to the public, and instructs community members on how they can better improve the public education systems in their communities. League of Education Voters advocates for stable revenue and education reforms and focuses on different educational practices that prepare students who have been systematically underserved by failing systems.

What they have been up to: LEV produces monthly podcasts and webinars with different guest speakers on topics ranging from mental health support systems in schools to coverage on teachers of the year. On October 18, 2018, they are also hosting a breakfast convention event in Spokane where education, business, and community leaders and a keynote speaker will gather to discuss the topic “Owning Our Future: Technology in Education.”

How you can help: Consider purchasing a ticket for LEV’s Spokane breakfast event, or join the League’s mailing list to keep up-to-date.

Global Online Academy

Who they are: Global Online Academy creates online courses and customized programming for students and schools around the globe. They also offer online courses and training for educators that are designed to fit each individual’s specific needs and schedule. GOA partners with educational organizations to assist with modernizing the classroom, designing student learning strategies, and web design.

What they have been up to: GOA wrapped up its annual Learning Design Summit in July, which brought together teachers, coaches, and educational leaders from around the world to engage in new ideas about education through workshops, classes, and conversation.

How you can help: Your educational organization can become a professional learning partner to take advantage of Global Online Academy’s partnership services. High school students and educators can sign up for online courses and workshops, and everyone is encouraged to spread the word about GOA.

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Bastyr University

Who they are: Founded in 1978, Bastyr University is now recognized as the leading health arts and sciences university in the world, offering over 20 degree programs in areas such as naturopathic medicine, herbal sciences, psychology, and public health. The university has campuses in Kenmore, Washington and San Diego, California, as well as two teaching clinics in Seattle and San Diego, and is on the frontlines of integrative, complementary and alternative medicine research.

What they have been up to: Both Bastyr University campuses begin fall quarter classes on September 17th

How you can help: Bastyr University is a not-for-profit educational institution that appreciates your partnership to further their path toward the future of health care and providing natural healing education. Consider joining their sponsorship program or becoming an individual donor.

Giddens School

Who they are: Giddens School is an elementary school in the Judkins Park area with multi-age classrooms that encourages its students to ask questions about equity, opportunity, and social justice. They are committed to diversity and supporting each student on their educational journey, hoping to send them off to middle school with ambitions to make the world a better place.

What they have been up to: As the school year begins, so does Giddens School’s fall enrichment program, which provides fun and educational events and classes to children outside of their normal school day. This year’s enrichment programs include yoga, musical theater, martial arts, cartooning, and chess, among others.

How you can help: Giddens School encourages active participation from its community in the form of volunteering in the classroom, helping with projects, sponsoring activities, or making philanthropic gifts.

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Spruce Street School

Who they are: Spruce Street School is an elementary school in the Denny Triangle neighborhood with a special focus on diversity, social-emotional development, arts and sciences, and involvement in their urban community. The school has formed lasting relationships with the local neighborhood businesses and institutions, such as the annual Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center, the Federal Building, the downtown library, and Mirabella, a local retirement community.

What they have been up to: The first day of school was on August 30th, so plenty of curriculum nights and volunteer events are just around the corner. This summer, Spruce Street School offered an eight-week long summer camp for children ages 5 to 10 in downtown Seattle.

How you can help: Spruce Street School’s highly anticipated annual auction is held February 9th, 2019 at the Swedish Cultural Center. Community members are encouraged to attend this party and have the option of donating to the auction in the months leading up to the event.

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Technology Access Foundation

Who they are: Technology Access Foundation works to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) access and technology to underrepresented communities, low-income students, and students of color. TAF runs a STEM-focused neighborhood school focusing on project-based learning, an outreach program to assist local public schools in achieving success with technology, and provides professional development courses for educators.

What they have been up to: Technology Access Foundation was awarded the 2018 Geeks Gives Back award at the annual Geekwire Awards ceremony at the Museum of Pop Culture. The Geeks Give Back award, presented by Bank of America, highlights organizations that strive to make meaningful changes in the world and assist those who come from marginalized backgrounds.

How you can help: TAF always accepts individual or recurring donations, and also invites you to volunteer by adopting a classroom, become a teacher-scientist partner, volunteer at evens, or help students get ready for internships and careers as a career guru.

Jacobson Jarvis is proud to partner with and lend our services and specialized experience to these educational nonprofits in the greater Seattle area. Remember to thank the educators and support the students in your life as this new school year begins.