Our Clients in Environmental Conservation

On April 22, organizations and individuals around the world will celebrate Earth Day, a holiday first recognized in 1970 to show support for environmental protection.

At Jacobson Jarvis, we work with a wide variety of clients who have missions and values that we support. The following are a few not-for-profit organizations we work for who focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and land protection.

Arboretum Foundation

Who They Are: The Arboretum Foundation has been raising funds and advocating for the Washington Park Arboretum since 1935. They host events such as parties, auctions, and plant sales; run a gift shop; offer memberships; and publish a quarterly botanical magazine in order to fund the arboretum’s maintenance and educational operations.

What They Have Been Up To: In February of this year, the Arboretum Foundation hosted the opening night party and auction for the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show. This benefit took place at the Washington State Convention Center, and all proceeds went toward helping fund environmental education, maintenance, and volunteerism at the Arboretum.

How You Can Help: By becoming a member, making a donation, or volunteering, you can play an important role in supporting the Arboretum. If you love gardening and want to make a difference, become a Garden Steward! The Arboretum Foundation hosts weekly gardening parties from March to October where you can help keep the Arboretum looking and feeling great. Sign up for the e-newsletter for more information on how you can get involved!

Methow Recycles

Who They Are: Methow Recycles began with a group of people who imagined a world with easier access to recycling and wanted to make that dream a reality. They run one of the most innovative rural recycling programs in Washington state and have facilitated the recycling of over 8,800 tons through the recycling center operating out of Twisp. Besides being one of the few rural recycling programs to accept and sort glass, Methow Recycles also puts on educational events in order to bring eco-awareness to Okanogan County and beyond.

What They Have Been Up To: Methow Recycles hosts several events and workshops to educate Okanogan County and surrounding areas about sustainability and recycling. On April 27, Methow will host its annual two-day metal cleanup event at Cascade Concrete. Find out how you can volunteer, or simply bring over any metal scraps you might have to get rid of!

How You Can Help: Get involved in Methow Recycles’ cause by volunteering at one of their many cleanup events or donating directly to their organization. While you’re at it, read over the recycle guide on their website to find out how to best sort your waste and recycle materials to help make this world a more sustainable place.


Who They Are: Forterra is an organization that works to secure acres of land for sustainability and protection throughout the Pacific Northwest. Since 1989, Forterra has secured over 275,000 acres of land in over 450 land transactions, making sure to put the voices and values of those who live in the region first. From Yakima to the coastline, Forterra protects old growth, mountaintops, and farms and even secures affordable housing in the heart of urban communities.

What They Have Been Up To: On April 30, the Washington State Convention Center will host Forterra’s annual breakfast, during which the organization will present a comprehensive tour of their work and hear out ideas to take Forterra into the future. Find more events by reading over Forterra’s event calendar.

How You Can Help: Sign up for Forterra’s e-newsletter for updates and future events. Become a valued contributor to the cause by volunteering, giving an individual fiscal gift, or donating an amount dependent on your carbon footprint, which you can calculate on Forterra’s website.

Jacobson Jarvis is pleased to lend our specialized experience and services to these nonprofits in the Seattle area! Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by checking out these eco-friendly clients and help keep our planet beautiful.