Light up KEXP sign

Jacobson Jarvis and KEXP

Founded in 1972 as a student-run 10-watt radio station at the University of Washington, KEXP has grown into one of the most successful listener-supported public radio stations in the world.

Behind the Scenes

KEXP currently hosts approximately 45 DJs who play music across all genres, times, and levels of fame, and is supported by over 700 volunteer staff members and 300 businesses. KEXP places a special emphasis on local music from the Pacific Northwest and works to create meaningful musical experiences. 

You won’t hear this type of programming anywhere else on your radio dial. From memorial tribute days to deep-dive album analysis and everything in between, KEXP provides an experience that appeals to memory, emotion, and the curiosity of music lovers around the world.
They also host a streaming archive of all of their shows, podcasts, and live in-studio performances at their home base at Seattle Center, many of which are free and open to the public.

KEXP’s Mission

KEXP’s mission is to enrich their community through music and discovery, hoping to benefit music lovers, artists, and the arts community on-air, online, and in-person. Their programs span genres including reggae, country, modern global, hip hop, indie pop, and more, with a special emphasis on new and emerging artists from the Pacific Northwest. 

When you support KEXP you not only support a station that refuses to fall in line with the repetitive, commercial-filled Top 40 stations they share their dial with, but you also support independent local artists and the music community of the region.

Our Partnership

Jacobson Jarvis is proud to work with KEXP to tell their story as leaders of independent radio and champions of the Pacific Northwest music scene. We recently chatted with some members of the KEXP staff about their mission and our partnership. Watch below and learn how Jacobson Jarvis works with this local, listener-supported radio station.

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