Gladys Nieves

Interview With Gladys Nieves, Audit Associate

Jacobson Jarvis & Co (JJCo) is made up of a team of unique individuals who each bring their own special backgrounds and interests to the table. This series will highlight some of our awesome employees to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what makes JJCo. such a great place to work.

This time around we’re chatting with Audit Associate Gladys Nieves about her background in accounting and nonprofits, some of the clients she loves working with, and why Jacobson Jarvis is different from other public accounting firms.

How long have you worked for Jacobson Jarvis?

I started in August of last year (2020).

What made you want to join the team at JJCo?

I was still in school and I was looking for a good accounting firm. I came across Jacobson Jarvis and I went in for an interview in the Los Angeles office. I originally interviewed for a rotational program, but I ended up really liking JJCo. 

Christy, the partner here in L.A. told me a little bit about it, and I really liked the connection we had during the interview processes and afterward. When I did more research on Jacobson Jarvis, I realized they were experts in nonprofits, which I thought was awesome. 

I served on the board for a nonprofit during my undergrad and loved it, so I was looking forward to working with the clientele JJCO has. 

You mentioned you served on a nonprofit board previously in your undergrad—in addition to that or if you wanted to expand on that—what experiences in your background helped prepare you for working with nonprofits in this setting?

During the time I was part of the part of the nonprofit, Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), I got to collaborate with neighboring schools, so I really enjoyed that because I got to see the obstacles other schools were facing and at the same time, all the student organizations and different schools working together. 

I was a member first, then joined the board because I enjoyed helping minorities develop the professional skills they need to start their career. 

I believe that being part of the board gave me an inside look on how nonprofits operate and collaborate with other organizations, and being involved in that helped me develop skills as a strong team player.

I do have other accounting background but it isn’t nonprofit.

So it was a good mix of your backgrounds in accounting and also with nonprofits.

My first accounting job was in property management, where I was doing key areas of bookkeeping for our clients. Then I went over to a private company where I was a part of the accounts payable team. Through my involvement in student organizations I got the opportunity to intern in a local public accounting firm and took the opportunity. After my internship, I realized I wanted to stay in public accounting because of the learning opportunity.

I feel like the work I did during my undergrad prepared me, and being on a board gave me exposure to the internal and external operations. 

What is your favorite part of what you do as an audit associate?

My favorite part is assisting the clients. And every client is different, so even though it’s the same process, it’s always new because they all do their accounting a little differently. I also really enjoy working in a team setting.

What are your favorite types of nonprofit organizations to work with?

I definitely enjoy working with organizations that help minorities and those that hold a fiduciary responsibility to the public. I’m working with the National College Resources Foundation and other foundations that help underrepresented students get their higher education. I also enjoy working with government entities.

What do you think is so special about Jacobson Jarvis?

What I find special about JJCO is that you’re not just a number. You definitely have a voice. I’m blessed with a lot of sharp individuals who are inclusive and supportive—it’s not just for the money. I believe that our team enjoys providing quality service for nonprofit entities and I definitely love that. 

If I need to message someone with a question or concern, they’re usually available 24/7. 

I have a team that is willing to give me their time, even at the partner level.

So everyone is approachable and easy to talk to?

Yeah, definitely.

What are a few words you would use to describe the culture at Jacobson Jarvis?

Inclusive, motivating, and empowering.

Sounds like a great place to work!

Yeah! Public accounting firms are well-known for working long hours. But at Jacobson Jarvis there’s definitely a work-life balance and the fact that our clients are changing the world—you get a sense of gratification. We still get to be with our families and have enough ETO and other good benefits. It’s great.

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About Gladys Nieves:

Gladys joined Jacobson Jarvis in the summer of 2020. She began her accounting career in commercial property management, entertainment, and public accounting with a niche in the franchise industries. She discovered her passion for nonprofit organizations during her undergraduate career, where she was part of the board of a nonprofit student leadership organization. 

Gladys enjoyed using her knowledge in Business Information systems to understand our client’s IT internal controls to expose high-risk areas. She is also passionate about working with government entities because she believes in serving for our communities and using her accounting knowledge for good.