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Monthly Archives: July 20, 2017

Why Nonprofits Need to Be Active on Social Media

By Jessie Portlock, Social Media Director at Marketeering Group Social media has become a critical part of any business’ digital communications strategy, and nonprofit organizations are no exception. It’s a v...

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The Bridge: Board Training

Do you want to make a greater impact in your community? Serving on a nonprofit board is a valuable way to advance the causes you are passionate about! Since 2004, Seattle Works has trained nearly 200 people every year on the basics of board service through The Bridge: Board Training. For more inf...

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Tools and Strategies for Online Program Delivery

Technology can help you deliver more information and services to more people for less money, but only if you have the right tools and understand how to use them. This three-week course will provide an overall framework for thinking about when technology can help—and when it can’t. Social media, webs...

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SEO Basics for Nonprofits

More than 90% of people begin their research process by using a search engine. This includes looking up what to buy, where to eat, and where to donate. The proliferation of mobile devices (and now voice-activated personal assistants) is changing how people use search engines. Competition is increasi...

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Establishing Tech Policies to Protect Your Nonprofit

re you providing guidance to help staff members avoid scams, malicious software, and the inappropriate handling of data? Do staffers use their personal phones or computers to do work? What guidelines are in place to make sure your social media posts are appropriate? Do you know what to do if your of...

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