Four Reasons You Should Work for a Cause You Care About

The old saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” When you’re excited about the work you do and the environment you work in, getting up and heading off to an eight-hour shift won’t feel like an annoying obligation, and you won’t be constantly checking the clock waiting for it to hit 5 p.m.

A study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees, so loving your job is a win for everyone! Here are four reasons you should work for a cause you care about.

Make Valuable Connections

Working in a field you’re personally interested in will connect you to other co-workers, clients, and volunteers with similar interests, values, and passions. Besides professional connections, working around those with similar passions will make it easier to feel confident and social, and maybe you’ll even make some friends during work-related events!

Open Doors for More Opportunities

Co-workers and clients can potentially connect you to other people they know as well as adjacent opportunities through work or social activities. These opportunities can provide a ladder toward future goals, open surprising doors you weren’t expecting to find, and accelerate your professional growth and personal brand.

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Make a Difference in Your Field

Instead of sitting at a desk, making appointments for other people, opening mail, or doing mindless data entry, working for a cause you care about will involve making a real difference. You’ll be able to see the impact your work is making in your field, giving you a sense of purpose and ambition. Nonprofits have a mission, and your role is essential in working toward bettering the community in some way.

Feel Proud of Your Work

In a study from American Management Association, 73% of employees polled from 70 different organizations say they are proud of their work. Research shows that employees who are proud of the work they do are more engaged, satisfied, committed, willing to recommend their organization to others, and likely to stay with the organization for many years.

While working on a project that is clearly making a difference, you won’t shy away from telling people about your work — you’ll be proud of it! Working with a nonprofit you believe in will motivate you to stay invested in what you do and your organization’s success, and may even inspire you to take on personal projects you’ve been putting off.

Our employees have a passion for our nonprofits and find bringing their expertise to the table a rewarding and satisfying experience. Join us at Jacobson Jarvis and find out for yourself what it means to be a part of our awesome team!