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Our Clients in the LGBTQ+ Community

Happy Pride Month! This month, LGBTQ+ individuals and allies all over the world throw parties and parades to celebrate the amazing progress the community has made and recognize the work still left to do. Join Jacobson Jarvis in recognizing two of our nonprofit clients who work endlessly to fight for equality and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.


Who They Are: Created in the 1980s to counteract the government’s neglect of the national AIDS crisis, Lifelong has pledged to work for the health care and rights of the oppressed and marginalized.

Lifelong designates specific care for each individual wherever they are in life, whether that means finding suitable housing, cooking and delivering nutritious meals, or providing financial and emotional support during illness and recovery. While providing unique care and HIV services to the community is their No. 1 purpose, Lifelong also helps individuals suffering from a broader spectrum of illnesses, such as diabetes, various cancers, and other conditions affecting health and independence.

What They Have Been Up To: During Pride Month, Lifelong will be at many different local events in Seattle neighborhoods, including the Capitol Hill Trans Pride and Pride parades, as well as the Seattle Center Pride Parade. Lifelong will also be at Fremont’s Love Boat Gay Bingo event in August and the 32nd Seattle AIDS walk in September.

How You Can Help: Helping out Lifelong is easy and makes a great difference. Volunteers have played an essential role in Lifelong’s continued support and success for the past 30 years.

Visit the website for individual and group volunteer opportunities to lend a hand. Donating through Lifelong’s monthly Bread and Butter Club is a great way to show your support, as well as sponsoring nutritious meals, hosting a drive, or visiting their awesome thrift store in the heart of Capitol Hill.

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Pride Foundation

Who They Are: Since 1985, Pride Foundation has worked to support the LGBTQ+ community of the Pacific Northwest by backing transformational movements, encouraging relationships with community leaders, and throwing successful fundraising events. Pride Foundation’s mission is also to strengthen the engagement between LGBTQ+ people and allies, as well as with any group of disenfranchised or marginalized peoples.

What They Have Been Up To: Pride Foundation will be in attendance at the Seattle Pride Parade on June 30, and you can also catch them at several events across the Northwest  celebrating 2019 scholars who have enrolled in their successful scholarship program.

How You Can Help: Pride Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help out at the Seattle Pride Parade, lend a hand in their Seattle office, or review grants and scholarships. You can also donate to their organization in several different ways, such as signing up as a monthly donor, starting a fund, hosting a community party, or even donating a vehicle.

Jacobson Jarvis is proud to provide accounting services and be an ally to these LGBTQ+ organizations. We support the incredibly important work they do year-round and are happy to have them as two of our nonprofit clients.