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Is Your Raffle Legal?

By Julleen Snyder, CPA, CGMA Many not-for-profit organizations choose to supplement their fundraising efforts with raffles, either in conjunction with an event such as a dinner auction or on a standalone basis. However, many are unaware that such raffles are illegal if the organization i...

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Storytelling Tips for Ambassadors (a.k.a. “Board Members”)

By Peter Drury When you serve on a Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization, you have both internally-focused and externally-focused roles and responsibilities. Of your external responsibilities, one critical one is being an ambassador. It helps with fundraising, marketing...

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The Importance of Endowments: Should Your Nonprofit Build One?

The reach of your nonprofit will always be dictated by the balance in your bank account. There are more revenue streams available to you than donations, and if you know how to navigate working with different types, you’ll have less to worry about should one prove particularly challenging at any p...

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Should My Nonprofit Consider A Financial Statement Review?

What is a review? Basically, a review is designed to determine whether the financial statements make sense, providing some assurance, but not the more extensive assurance of an audit. A financial statement review, like an audit, is provided by a CPA that is indepe...

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Tips for Social Media Nonprofit Fundraiser Success

There are plenty of ways to get creative with fundraising. We’ve got a few recommendations here for you to take advantage of to make the most of your social media fundraising efforts. Social Media Social media fundraising may get a bad reputation ...

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