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Conflicts of Interest Demystified

“I’m on a board of a nonprofit and I run a marketing business. Can I charge the organization for flyers that I design?” “I’m on two arts nonprofit boards. One nonprofit is applying for a grant, and I think the other nonprofit could be eligible for the same grant. Ca...

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Are You Ready for Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave?

In 2017, Washington state passed the Paid Family and Medical Leave program, which is a statewide insurance program. The purpose of this program is for Washington workers to receive partial wages while on leave for qualifying events. The program will be administered by the state Employment Security D...

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Pending Legislation: Nonprofits Support Act (HR-6037)

The House and Senate propose legislation to repeal the new law on unrelated business income tax losses and on taxable compensation for employee parking and bus passes. By Howard Donkin, CPA Before the new Jumpstart O...

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Five Questions to Improve Nonprofit Advocacy Efforts

Philanthropy has a history of great success, from the anti-apartheid movement to Sesame Street. Donors today want to have a similar impact. According to the Harvard Busines...

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Federal Policy Issues Impacting Nonprofit Organizations

By Washington Nonprofits Washington Nonprofits’ Director of Public Policy and Advocacy David Streeter recently visited Capitol Hill to meet with our state’s congressional delegation about the key issues impacting nonprofit organizations. The issues David discussed, and what he learned are below. ...

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