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What Nonprofit Board Members Need to Know About Presentation of Audit Results

By Matt Cyr, CPA The Auditor is on the agenda for today’s board meeting to present on the most recent audit results. What are the crucial components to pay attention to? What questions should you be asking? Coming prepared to the meeting is a great start. This can be as simple as a quick review o...

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How the Tax Code Changes Affect Nonprofits

There is plenty of work to be done adjusting finances to make sure you are in the clear with the H.R. 1 tax revisions passed last December. No single article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to handle your taxes, but we...

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Tax Reform – What Nonprofits Need to Know

By Kari Moore, CPA, MST The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has raised a lot of questions in the nonprofit community since it was passed by Congress in December 2017. Here are four key reasons why nonprofit leaders shoul...

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Best Practices of Governance for Nonprofit Boards

Minimize risk of abuse while ensuring that your organization operates as fairly and effectively as possible.

Legal Requirements

Legally, each board member is required to meet specific standards of conduct. These are often broken up into three categories:
  1. Duty of Obedience. Bo...

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Inappropriate Remarks on Nonprofit Boards

If you serve as a director on a nonprofit board, you should know the types of remarks that are inappropriate during discussion at a meeting. Robert’s Rules of Order and the common parliamentary law it is based on require that:

  • Directors on a board must be courteous to one another.
  • ...

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