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I’m a Teacher, and You Are Too: Four Lessons About Learning to Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

If I were to ask you to picture a teacher, you might recall a high school teacher who inspired you to follow a new path, or maybe a workshop presenter who explained some finance concept in a way that finally made sense. 


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It Takes Two (or More) to Safeguard Your Nonprofit from Digital Fraud

In today’s nonprofit environment, the speed and convenience of moving money and data electronically have become game changers. Nonprofits large and small are more nimble and efficient than at any other point in history.


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When COVID-19 Cancels Your Meeting

This article was originally published at Jurassic Parliament

We’re having to adjust to a different world right now. In genera...

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Tax Legislation Helps Nonprofits

The following is a list of nonprofit tax legislation impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Use these resources and the FAQ list on our website to learn more...

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Coronavirus Relief and Other Resources

We know right now is a difficult time for everyone, and we want to help. Here is a compilation of resources and links to help your nonprofit stay current on available relief, loans and funding.