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Three Mistakes Nonprofits Make When It Comes to Accounting

As your organization grows, avoiding every single mistake — especially when it comes to accounting — is an unreasonable goal. However, if you know what to look out for, a smooth and relatively problem-free nonprofit accounting process is achievable. 

Since one of our core values at Jacobson Jarvis is resource- and knowledge-sharing, we asked some members of our team to share their favorite non...

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Nonprofits and Lobbying

Many nonprofit organizations think that the Johnson Amendment prohibits them from engaging in any lobbying activity as well as endorsing any political candidates.  In fact, nonprofit entities are allowed to participate in lobbying activities within certain limits set forth b...

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Liquor, Cannabis, and Gambling… and Your Fundraising Event

By Nancy Bacon, Associate Director for Washington Nonprofits

Your fundraising committee is sitting around a board member’s living room drinking red wine and brainstorming all of the ways to make money at your upcoming even...

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Jacobson Jarvis and KEXP

Founded in 1972 as a student-run 10-watt radio station at the University of Washington, KEXP has grown into one of the most successful listener-supported public radio stations in the world.


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