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Investment Guidelines for Non-Profit Board Members

By Scott Severs, CFA, CFP® As fiduciary board members of your non-profit, you have many responsibilities. One of them is appropriately managing your endowment funds so that the long term health of your organiza...

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Three Things to Know About the 2020 Uniform Guidance Revisions

Of all the challenges that 2020 laid at the doorstep of your nonprofit organization, one that may have come with a mixed reception is the increase in federal funding from the CARES Act and other legislation. On one hand, the additional funds help to meet the unprecede...

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Changes Coming to the Presentation of Gifts-in-Kind

Over the past few years, not-for-profits have been subject to numerous changes in accounting standards. ASU 2016-14 Presentation of Financial Statement for Not-for-Profit Entities, ASU 2016-18 Statement of Cash Flows – Restricted Cash, ASU 2018-08 Clarifying the Scope...

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Interview With Gladys Nieves, Audit Associate

Jacobson Jarvis & Co (JJCo) is made up of a team of unique individuals who each bring their own special backgrounds and interests to the ta...

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Is “Overhead” a Dirty Word in Nonprofit Marketing?

This post was originally published on Welter-Consulting.com and re-posted with permission.

Perhaps donors have inquired about your organization’s “overhea...

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